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At Fullness Christian Fellowship you will find people who truly love God and care about others. If you are looking for a place to discover God, His story, His purposes, and plans for your life, Fullness might be the church for you. We really believe that Jesus came to give us life that is more than ordinary; a life overflowing with joy, grace, love and His presence.

Why We Exist

Paul uses the word “Fullness” four times when praying for the church to be characterized as a people who are filled with the fullness of God. 

That’s our prayer for the church as well -- that above all the noise of the world we would stand out as a people who display the God who changes people’s lives and then fills them with His empowering presence. It is the call to live a life greater than anything you could possibly imagine. 

We desire for you to…

Encounter God and His people

Experience the Holy Spirit and Your Purpose

Expand our Influence by making a difference

Welcome to Fullness.

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