An Adult Education Program


The Fullness Academy is intended to provide a framework for Christian thought and practice in these four areas: 

  1. A framework for how to appreciate and engage the varied genres of our Bible (The Bible as Literature)
  2. A framework by which an individual can articulate for themselves historic confessions of the church (Intro to Christian Theology)
  3. A framework that enables one to identify how the four gospels testify to Jesus Christ in unique and complementary ways (Survey of the Gospels)
  4. A framework for participatory living as Christ’s disciples. Focusing on practices that call individuals to discover the prayer-filled life, the virtuous life, the Spirit-empowered life, the compassionate life, the word-centered life, and the “every-day-holy” life (Spiritual Formation)


The Fullness Academy offers these four classes (one class at a time) on a two-year rotation:

Fall 2022 | The Bible as Literature | Dave Malick

Spring 2023 | Intro to Christian Theology | Gabriel Hughes

Fall 2023 | New Testament Interpretation | Dave Malick

Spring 2024 | Spiritual Formation | Gabriel Hughes

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Location: In the fellowship hall at Fullness Church.

Spring 2023 Start Date: Wednesday, February 8th. Intro to Christian Theology, taught by Gabriel Hughes.

Times & Frequency: Classes will be Wednesday nights from 6:15-7:30pm, except on the 1st Wednesday of the month.

Joining: Those that are 18 or older are welcome to join. Participants can jump into the academy at the start of any class in the two-year cycle.

Cost: The cost to participate is $30. This goes towards covering the student's textbook, handouts, and program costs (scholarships are available).

Certificate/Audit: Each class will assign 1-2 hours of outside class work per week. Participants may decide whether they would like to take each course for certificate or for audit.

For more information email Gabriel Hughes at ghughes@fullnesscf.org


Sign-Up Deadline: January 31st. To reserve your spot in our Spring 2023 class, Intro to Christian Theology, fill out and submit the information form below...


The cost for our next course, Intro to Christian Theology, is $30. The payment deadline is January 31st.