Fullness STAFF

  • Bart Brookins - Pastor

    Golf used to be my passion.  But after planting a church and attempting to raise five children, my passion is now breathing, spending time with my wife and loving Jesus.  One of my real passions is helping people discover their destiny in the Lord.  We were all created for fellowship with God and have a destiny that is discovered only in Jesus. 

    I love worship and the pleasure that is found in His presence.  I love reading books (of all kinds) and  running (have I told you about the time I ran two marathons in one week on two different continents....).  I love my family and I love the family that is known as Fullness.


  • Kathy Brookins - Family Pastor

    I am BLESSED and AMAZED!
    I am so blessed to have my husband, Bart--the most amazing man I know.
    I am blessed to have my 5 amazing kids!
    I am blessed to be the Children's Pastor at this amazing church!
    I am blessed  by the love of my amazing friends.
    I am amazed at how God works on my behalf!

    'Your love is amazing, steady and unchanging;
    Your love is a mystery, firm beneath my feet.'


  • caroline couch - ministry assistant

    I am a Hoover native and have been a member at Fullness for 6 years. During the week you'll find me buzzing around here at the church, from the front office to the AV room and everywhere in between. On the weekends you might find me filming or coordinating weddings. I work hard, play hard and can nap hard. I also always have a chocolate stash somewhere near by.

    My ultimate passion is to live for Christ and to be a light for others. Ministry isn't a job, it's a lifestyle and I hope to live it to its fullest.


  • Patricia Frisaro - Facilities Administrator

    I walked through the doors of Fullness Sunday September 7, 2003 and never looked back!  I was present to witness the miracle that nine months of prayer fulfilled.  Through the tithes of our members, Fullness became completely debt fee the end of that September.

    I am married to Leonard, who is a NY transplant, and an active member at Prince of Peace Catholic Church.  After being transferred to 7 different states, we settled in Birmingham in 1998.  Our daughter and son-in-law reside in Southbury, CT. 
    I am enormously blessed to be part of this special body and serve our leaders and members in maintaining this special place.  We are very grateful for our cherished members who constantly volunteer to support our efforts to preserve our buildings and property.

    My passion and heart are with our youth - - they are our future. In Matthew 11, Jesus spoke: “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.  Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.  For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”  Oh, how I pray God will use us to convey his words to their young spirits so they understand how wonderful and worthwhile a relationship with Him is.


  • Gabriel hughes - associate pastor

    I enjoy a good sandwich shop, like New York Butcher Shoppe and Mr. P's, or anyplace with a solid Cuban. I also enjoy board games (especially games designed and created by my friends and I).  Pro tip: I've found that collaborative board games promote lasting friendships...but that may depend on how competitive your friends are.  I enjoy listening to the perspectives of people that see the world differently than I do. I enjoy conversations and relationships where we can be authentic and vulnerable.  


    I am passionate about Jesus Christ, who, I believe, is the savior of the world.  I am passionate about diagnosing competing values and ideologies present in our culture.  I am passionate about preaching the Gospel in way that edifies God's people and invites the rest to consider Jesus, or re-consider Jesus.


    I love spending time with my wife Jordan and my daughter Adeline.  I'd rather spend time with my girls than anyone else. I am on a journey of learning to love my God and my neighbor.  Some days I get it right, other days I fail miserably.  Every day I try to sign up again inspired by the heart of the Father, empowered by the Holy Spirit, and motivated by obedience to Christ.


  • Wendy Kuhn - Financial Administrator

  • Larry Powell - Administrative Pastor

    I'm just an old retired guy that doesn't mind doing administrative work and taking care of the sound and video area. I am somewhat familiar with Fullness, since it was started in my house in early 1993, and I have handled the finances and technical side since then. While some people have a "lake home", my second home is the balcony of the sanctuary -- good thing I am somewhat of an introvert!


  • Scott Shoop - associate pastor

    I’m in awe and excited! I’m in awe because of the God I serve and because of what God did through the gospel to save me and to continue to work in me! I’m in awe because I’m married to an amazing, godly, beautiful woman who is also my best friend! I’m in awe because I get to serve in such an amazing church as Fullness!

    I’m excited because the same God who is bigger than I can imagine also dwells within me by His Holy Spirit! I’m excited to get to be a part of what He is doing at Fullness! I’m excited because God is faithful to finish what He has started!

    I love reading books (mostly theology but I try to branch out occasionally), spending time with my wife and two kids, and getting to do life with the people of Fullness.


  • Craig Stilley - Worship pastor

    Your basic coffee nerd and music lover. My favorite album is Graceland by Paul Simon. (Because it’s the best) I enjoy breaking down walls with others and cracking jokes. I also enjoy just about any outdoor activity: hiking, climbing, mountain biking, etc. I write and play in a band called A Slim Shadow; we will be releasing our first record in the fall. In edition to leading worship, I am also a manager at a cafe called Woodlawn Cycle Cafe. There I get to dream up new coffee drinks and try coffees from all over the world while providing quality service to the amazing people of Birmingham.

    My wife Molly and I started at Fullness at the beginning of summer 2018 and already feel like we are a part of the Fullness family. We have a daughter named Jocelyn who’s 2 years old and another little girl on the way!

    My goal as a worship leader is to be constantly aware of how God is speaking in our community and the world around us. And attempt to create a space for Him to speak and inform us, in both corporate and intimate settings, on how to respond to our circumstances. I believe that music, prayer, and reading His word are a few ways to retune our hearts towards Him. My prayer for the people of Fullness is to become filled with the love and grace of God, and to walk in these things with boldness and purity.